Our highly experienced consultants and trainers are seasoned pros when it comes to instructional design, facilitation, elearning and evaluations. Each of our facilitators are tertiary qualified in Business, Learning and Development, and are also qualified in behavioural assessments such as DISC and Workplace motivators, e-learning software, instructional design and evaluation.

Samantha Szirom

Founder and Lead Consultant

I am passionate about learning in the workplace. After many years of working in L&D across a variety of industries, I recognised the biggest gap in all organisations is Employee (Induction) programs and ongoing learning and support frameworks for employees.

At times in my career, I had to explore knowledge or skills via external training opportunities - often at my own cost - so I could deal with an issue in the workplace more effectively. Most businesses lack the capacity to support their employees and this is where I can assist.

I am an Onboarding specialist. I believe if you welcome a new employee and teach them about your business and how to perform their role effectively, then your employees will feel supported, valued and motivated to work in your organisation.

I enjoy developing and delivering training to employees using a variety of techniques and mediums. Nothing beats the buzz you get when a participant in your training finally “gets it” or has mastered a new skill.

My goal is use my passion to support businesses and individuals to grow and evolve through knowledge.

Learn how Knowledge For Me can help your business grow or how we can help you develop you an individual.

The Knowledge Team